Monday, April 30, 2007

Thanks to Dorothy and rest for reunion plans!

For those of us out of state (Michigan here) your planning for October is really appreciated.
Looking forward to seeing you all! Carol

Welcome to Newcomers to the Blog

Hello and welcome,
My hopes for this blog are that we stay in touch. The reunion is just around the corner and firm plans are "almost" ready. We have had several meetings, visited several Hotels, looked at several possibilities. In trying to please everyone involved (we are trying) we have met with planners from another reunion organization- Creative Reunions- who now have surpassed Great Reunions in their offerings. Great Reunions had their venue carved in stone and wouldn't give us what we thought we deserved (not one thing more, not even with an additional charge- their ticket prices were printed and not changeable??????). So Creative Reunions will up the price for $3.00pp more with each additional entree (meat). And they will give us everything else we need for a great time: Awesome buffet, dance floor and DJ, great location and set up, etc. So this is where we are at with that. Sounds much better to me.

Please feel free to start new topics or comment on the ones already started, post pictures, etc.

At first I will monitor the blog at least twice a week until it takes on a life of its own. Then I will apoint others to co-monitor. Like any internet site we need to keep this for ourselves and not for someone to post adds or inappropriate material. Complaints on material posted will be addressed asap.

Looking forward to not only this "Big 40", but to the 50th also.

Your friend,

Dorothy M. LaGrandeur
GGHS '67

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Proposed Agenda: Sunday Meeting, 22 April

1. Prices with Breakdown (Ardie & Nan)

2. Financial Liability
a: Great Reunions
b: Direct Contact with Hotel

3. Should we do it ourselves or give to Great Reunions?

Additional agenda items are welcome. Please post below as comments.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Reunion stuff

Hi all, in answer to Mike's most recent email:

This is my perception of what we need to do.

Reunion Tasks;

1. Find out the cost/place and when they must have their first payment. When are subsequent payments due.
2. Agree on the place we want.
3. How do we get the money and what price/ticket? (Phil uses 2CO, see blog link of my previous email to each of you)
4. Realistically decide if we are able to front the money, if need be.
5. If it is a go, then we will agree upon tasks and define them (Patti's list is a great start)and divide them amongst those willing and able to help.

I feel like we are in limbo as we don't really know if we can do this ourselves yet without even knowing what place and cost.

Most Sincerely,


Subject: Re: Reunion Tasks & Jobs that you want to do.
>Hi Ladies: We need to all think of what we are up to. Meaning what each of us is really good at and willing to do. Define a list of tasks and milestones and who is responsible for which ones. Think of a meeting date and the roles you want to play. Let's Rolllllllll! Mike>>>-----Subject: Re: Reunion ideas

Patti........all terrific ideas. Great that we could us them and don't have to use our moldy old brains. Be sure to thank your daughter......sounds like we need to get a move on!! Nan ----- Original Message -----

From: Patti Cash >Hi all, >Here is the list of suggestions from my one daughter who was on the committee that planned her 10 year reunion. If you could read over it and print it if possible we could go over it at the next meeting. I am sending it as an attachment so if you don't get it let me know and I will just copy and paste it to an email.>>> >Patti >

2nd Reunion meeting

From left to right: D. & Ardie (Lisner), Mike Hoffert, Dorothy LaGrandeur, Nancy (Krow),
Patti Cash. We have since had one more meeting but I didn't have my camera. Tom Arnold, Joyce (Mittani) & her husband joined us at Ardie & D's. lovely home.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Poll: How should we handle the money?

Assuming we go it alone, we need some way of handling the money (and getting it together quickly and conveniently). My husband, also know as, makes use of, also known as 2CO, to collect for him. They charge as described on their web site but they accept bank cards, pay pal, and direct deposit in a dozen different currencies. The monies they collect go directly into a bank account (which we need to set up) and leave an audit trail (no hankie pankie). One less task for us.

What do you think? Please leave your comment below.

Poll: Great Reunions

Do you think we should let Great Reunions host our 40th reunion?
Good: They do the work (tracking down addresses, etc.)
Bad: They won't tell us what it will cost till we've chosen the conference site and signed the contract.
Please add you vote as a comment below. Note that your choice in votes is one of the following:
Yes. Great Reunions.
No, and I volunteer to take on some of the work.