Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The big 40 was a resounding success

Well, many of you "stop by" but not many leave comments. That is OK but would be better if you would leave a note or two. I will "push on" in any event. Speaking of events, the Reunion was great. It was so wonderful to see everyone again. Joyce will upload the pictures from the disposable cameras on "snapfish" and then send out invitations for everyone to see them. I'll try to get the invitation posted here too for those of you who miss her invitation. John Thompson mentioned that a central location for pictures would be ideal. If any of you have pictures let everyone know where to go to see them, K?

There is talk already for the 50th. And a rumor brewing it may be a cruise. I'm "in" and looking forward to it whatever it is.

Stay in touch, keep your contact information up to date so you aren't "lost". Linda Schaefer is the keeper of the master list so remember to update with her if your information changes. Her email is: Lootx50@aol.com

Your friend,
Dorothy LaGrandeur

Sunday, October 21, 2007

We welcome your photos

If you'd like to post your own photos or news about your family, please write me at dodie@zanybooks.com and I'll invite you to join our official list of contributors.

A special thanks to Phil

I want to thank my husband, Phil, for his patience and guidance and most of all his encouragement in teaching me how to add pictures. I want to encourage all of you to don't give up, it is possible! Also I found that you can add 5 pictures at a time and this saves much work so go ahead and try. New pictures are the first seen so mine are in the last to first order but I'm not changing them. Enjoy and please add your own also-

Your friend,

40th reunion pics

I will post the pictures soon

I'm barely computer literate so bear with me. I'm trying to "lighten" the photos and then I will get them posted, I promise. I invite everyone to post their images here, comments too!


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Can anyone help?

Does anyone have a computer that will write DVDs? We want to copy a reunion DVD to share with those who wish to have a copy.

Does anyone have a combination TV/DVD player they can bring to the reunion. We want to play the 20 year reunion DVD.

Please let me know asap- thanks-